Redd Road Healing Center
Renee Redd, Ph.D, Rev., HHP, MH, MA, MI, Naturopath, LMT

Our Practitioners

At the Redd Road Healing Center, it is our goal to provide a natural approach to holistic health and wellness, promote education, relaxation and spiritual guidance to the whole person to aid in their fullest healing capacity.

Coming from 31 years’ experience in the allopathic and alternative medicine fields, Dr. Redd's concentrations of study include medical assisting, phlebotomy, paramedical examiner, transcriptionist, traditional and master herbalist, teacher, metaphysics, parapsychology, naturopathy, holistic health, massage therapy, aromatherapy, spiritual counseling, and iridology. She has studied with renown herbalists in Asheville, NC, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

As an ordained reverend experienced in parapsychology and natural theology, she enjoys spiritual counseling.

Having the blessed opportunity to learn Native American Healing Ceremonies and herbal medicine from the Lakota, Chippewa, Cherokee and Cheyenne Nations, she has incorporated these healing modalities and spiritual guidance to help others.

Having taught herbal holistic classes at Furman University, Lower Piedmont Cherokee, and other groups, she continues her passion of teaching on herbalism, holistic wellness, and aromatherapy.

Learning at an early age that "every plant has a purpose" and making "medicine" from the plants to heal yourself was an eye-opener at my first herbal class in the 1990's and it spiraled from there.  Allopathic medicine did not always agree with me but it has its purpose and place, and it was at this point in time I wanted a more holistic approach to my well-being in mind, body and spirit…. and we want to give our clients a wide variety of holistic modalities to help aid in their wellness quest.